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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Online Casinos

If you have a question that is not covered below, E-Mail it to us at info@casinoratingclub.com

Q: How do online casinos work?

A: Gamblers create an account at an online casino of their choice and deposit some funds in their account. Once the deposit is verified, the player can start playing the games with real money. That's really all there is to it. Withdrawing winnings is usually done through their account dashboard by submitting a ticket.

Q: What is the best online casino for US players?

A: Of course that would depend on your preferred game of chance. Although most online casinos will offer a wide variety of games, there are also online casinos that highlight their 'best sellers'. Our recommended and rated online casinos offer casino games for everyone. US players are more than welcome at these casinos and are entitled to the same bonuses and jackpots as everyone else.

Q: What casinos can I play with real money?

A: All of our recommended and rated online casinos will allow you to play their games with real money. Though it may be a good idea to play some of the games for free where available to learn their rules first.

Q: What casino game has the highest payout?

A: Blackjack has a reputation for paying out 98% to 99%. That is why so many players love the game. If a player knows the rules of blackjack and follows them with no mistakes, they can actually do quite well.

Q: What casino game has the best chance of winning?

A: For this you need to compare the payout percentages of each of the games. Blackjack has a history of paying out up to 99% of the monies wagered. However, one needs to know the rules of blackjack, when to stay, take another card, double-down, etc. etc. and follow those rules exactly.

Q: Can you win money playing online slots?

A: Yes you can, there have been thousands of players that have won huge bonuses and jackpots just by playing the slots. Just one example from a few years ago is Jon Heywood, a UK soldier. He hit a progressive slots jackpot for $20,062,600. You will increase your chances of winning at the slots by first playing the free demo games until you know the game inside and out. Most of the slots have special wildcards and when you recognize one of them, you can then select more game-options; that of itself can yield a profit for you.

Q: How do I withdraw money from online casino?

A: In most cases, you will receive deposit and withdrawal instructions by email when you create your account. That's because each online casino might have slightly different withdrawal procedure. Be sure to save those instructions in a safe place. (This is also true of your username and password.) Different casinos will also have different withdrawal options: card, Skrill, Neteller, or in some cases even cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Make sure to check available options when registering an account with a casino. We list available deposit and withdrawal methods for our recommended casinos here.

Q: Are online slots rigged?

A: That depends on what you mean by 'rigged'. All casinos, the brick & mortar casinos as well as the online casinos are created in such a way that the players have a good time and the casino earns enough money to stay in business. Online casino game developers are usually certified by official gambling authorities who revise their algorithm so they have to stick to strict requirements and cannot change it. A standard online casino will have slot machine payout rates in the region of 95% – 98%. That means that on average over a long period of time, the online casino will earn at most $5 for every $100 that is bet. The other $95 goes back to the bettors.

Q: What is a progressive jackpot?

A: A progressive jackpot is a special type of bonus that increases if it's not won during any particular gaming session. For example, if a bettor plays slots for two hours, some of the money gambled will go into the progressive jackpot with each spin. If that player does not hit the jackpot during his session, then that jackpot remains for the next players. And so, it continues to grow in size until it's won. Many times a progressive jackpot can reach millions of dollars.

Q: Is there a trick to slot machines?

A: The only 'trick' would be to study the slots pay table. Usually, you will find it by clicking the HELP button near the bottom of the screen. The pay table will show you what each combination of symbols will pay. This will vary from slot machine to slot machine and that's a good reason to play many different slots for free before betting your real money.

Q: What slot machines pay the best?

A: Some games pay better than others. Some offer regular jackpots and others offer progressive jackpots. You should also pay attention to the number of pay lines in a slot and elements like wilds helping you win.

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